Crewel wool embroidery...


Another small project with crewel wool.


 Petal squares... I manged to crochet 10 squares each from the five colours except for blue, which had enough for nine only; even though they are of the same brand and new balls. So, to get an even number I made one with all the colours  Now, all is left is, to put them together and do the border.

Few months ago I attempted this motif but it turned out with many mistakes. I re-read the pattern again and gave it another try. I think this time I manged to get it almost correct.

From the thrift store... needle lace pieces, I do not know whether they are hand made or machine made though.

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Crewel wool pomegranate...

I spent most of today sewing  with crewel wool..

This is my attempt on a pomegranate design. I did few sketches and choose this one.  I tried long and short satin stitch first  but I could not get it properly, so I opted to make satin stitch in small blocks. I don't know if it suits the pattern.

On crochet
Petal squares are coming along.

I stacked them on chopsticks so that it will help to keep the shape.

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Crewel wool paisley design...

Using some of the remaining colours of the crewel wool that is left, I attempted on stitching this paisley pattern. I had a bit of trouble getting the satin stitch even  and close around the curvy parts.  I think, there is enough wool for me to try at least couple of more designs.

Saree Quilt

Couple of weeks ago while at the thrift store I came across this turquoise blue fabric which I thought would be a nice contrast to the orange and the purple of the autumn quilt.

I have added the border, and tacked it to be sewn ... I am hoping that I would be able to finish it soon.

While going through the craft cupboard, I came across this cross stitch piece that I did almost 20 years ago.I can see the mistakes, specially on the border. (counting squares)

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