Crewel wool paisley design...

Using some of the remaining colours of the crewel wool that is left, I attempted on stitching this paisley pattern. I had a bit of trouble getting the satin stitch even  and close around the curvy parts.  I think, there is enough wool for me to try at least couple of more designs.

Saree Quilt

Couple of weeks ago while at the thrift store I came across this turquoise blue fabric which I thought would be a nice contrast to the orange and the purple of the autumn quilt.

I have added the border, and tacked it to be sewn ... I am hoping that I would be able to finish it soon.

While going through the craft cupboard, I came across this cross stitch piece that I did almost 20 years ago.I can see the mistakes, specially on the border. (counting squares)

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  1. The crewel work paisley design is so pretty. You've been busy. Oh, cross stitch - I did a few pieces years ago and swore never to do it again. All that counting made ME cross.

  2. I love a paisley pattern and it is looking so good with your embroidery, the turquoise goes very well with the other fabrics. Wonder if you are going to correct the error in the cross stitch

  3. The paisley crewel work is looking fantastic! Paisley designs are one of my favourites with all the intricate details you can put into it. Isn't it fun to find something you did long ago? I think the little flaws add something to the work that was done when we were very young. They show that you were still learning, and it's nice to look back on that. I made a small patchwork pillow from corduroy once when I was young. The matching up of the squares was terrible, but I made it up without any instructions from books or my mom. I was quite proud of it despite it's flaws (which I only realized were flaws later on!). But it reminded me often of how I would just create something on my own without needing patterns or assistance. I need that reminder every so often ;) Have a great week Gaia ... looks like the cold is creeping back in again for us today.

  4. Your paisley is beautifully stitched.

  5. Your stitched pieces are always so nicely done. I'm impressed by what you did almost 20 years ago! Goes to show that some interests that you have when you're younger, stick with you for life!


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