Crewel wool pomegranate...

I spent most of today sewing  with crewel wool..

This is my attempt on a pomegranate design. I did few sketches and choose this one.  I tried long and short satin stitch first  but I could not get it properly, so I opted to make satin stitch in small blocks. I don't know if it suits the pattern.

On crochet
Petal squares are coming along.

I stacked them on chopsticks so that it will help to keep the shape.

Thank you for stopping by for a peek,

till next time,


  1. your pomagranate has worked well, re long and short stitch I found that it was better to go into the row, not where the stitch ends but inside it you do not get the line that way, hope you understand my explanation! Lots of crochet too what a good way to stack your petals

  2. The crewel embroidery is pretty Gaia, I admire all the crafts you do.

  3. Beautiful pomegranate and lovely stitched.

  4. Really like your pomegranate embroidery Gaia - love the colours too :) Great way to stack your crochet squares - ingenious! x

  5. Hi, I came over here as a link on another blog, and I am so glad I did. You do wonderful work! I especially liked your sari quilt. All of the sari fabric I have is not cotton, and more gauzy. I didn't realize that it came in cotton too. I was wondering if you used interfacing on it?


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