Baby blanket in shades of lavender....

I finished the baby blanket, and it is all ready to be sent off to the baby. I did however, ran out the first colour I started with and could not find the same, so I had to go with something of a similar variety. Also, when I started the blanket I did not know the gender of the baby so I chose this colour, a couple of weeks later I got the news to say it is a girl, then I added a border in pink,(for a girl).I already had the tiny blue crocheted flowers.  I hope baby will be comfortable in it :)

The stitch I used is  from Vogue Dictionary of Crochet 23.
*if you like to read the pattern click on the image and it should make it larger

A bit of progress in the checker square blanket which  I think, started couple of months ago. I am waiting for the days off from work, to work on all the arts n' crafts that I have planned.

A very BIG thank you to all the friends who stopped by this year !!!
Happy holidays and best wishes 2015 !!

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Shades of yellow...

snowflakes and christmas trees...

Since, I got the embroidery book I was looking forward start on a project. The two new stitches I learnt, I was easy ones; backstitched chain stitch and  fern stitch. I still need more practice to get even stitches and also must get use to working with the hoop. 

Later,I incorporated the piece and made runner for my night table. I used  much as possible yellows I possibly could find from my bag of remnants. Also, added a lamp with some lace. All is hand sewed.

The snowflakes are gift for a friend. The from this blog.

Christmas tree pattern is from here; Crochet Geek.The pattern is both in video (left and right hand)and as well as has written instructions. The completed tree is about 2 inches in height. As for the decorative items, I sewed in what ever the little things I had in my craft box.

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Finished saree quilt...

It is finally done, nearly after 9 months. This weekend being bit gloomy and all, I took it over to the park to for the photographs, hoping little more light.

This quilt measures approx. 80 inches x 58 inches.  All is done by hand, except for joining the blocks initially, for which I used the machine.

This is the second quilt I made using cut-off saree pieces, you can see the first one here. What a difference between the colour schemes of the two.  For this quilt I use synthetic batting instead of cotton, so it is much lighter than first one. There is more saree remnants to start the third one :) 


Baby Blanket ;
for a family member who's having a baby this week. I hope to finish it at least by the end of the month. 

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Saree quilt progress...and other

I have been spending many of my evenings quilting the squares; there are few more to do before I start on the border. I opted not to do too many patterns on the blocks this time, as some of them itself got bold designs, on sort of dark earthy colours.  I tried stitching the designs on more softer tones, or where the block has less busy patterns.

On Crocheting......
I made this brooch, out of left over yarn from my scarf. The pattern is from a book I came cross at my neighbourhood library.(Sasha Kagan;Crochet Inspiration).  I did change the stitches a bit for the petal; instead of double crochet (dc)I used half double crochet(hdc) since, I did not have required amount.

I have worn it many times now.

cowl scarf
This Japanese Noro yarn was in a bag of left overs that was passed on to me by a friend. It was just about enough to make an attempt on a cowl, and this is the first one for me.
And, as for the stitches, it is split dc shells.

These colours are just perfect for the autumn.

Lastly, couple of very useful thrift store finds. (Embroidery book was $7, and Crochet one was $2) Both, books have so much valuable information. I am, looking forward to learn stitches from the embroidery book, since I only know few basic ones. This could be my new resolution ; to learn the whole book :)

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Winter scarf (left hand knitting)

Double seed stitch

Finally, completed the scarf I started, past winter. This Madelinetosh,  hand dyed yarn was a gift from a friend. It is so soft, and easy to work with too.

I made an attempt to add a crochet edging. I did not follow the pattern exactly as it was given, but I am happy with the result.



Last few weekends I also spent time trying out a collage. I used two separate photos and mixed into a one picture : made use of lots of old magazines, acrylic paint and varnish medium. 

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Kantha work

A small reversible quilt

I started this quilt, in summer of  2013;you can see it here  It took to the bottom of the craft pile as my new found enthusiasm for crochet grew, and I spent more time trying out different crochet related projects. But, I did not give up on this piece, when ever I felt the need for break from other projects I went to work on it.

Recently, I came across the quilt again, and rather tossing it back, I made a promise to myself to finish it,and was true to my word.

I notice that stitches after a lapse of time has a different rhythm than the previous ones. I also ran out the thread (colours) I started with.

 Although, repetitive stitching at times can be monotonous(atleast for me), the results can be surprising.

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Autumn is here..

It was such a pleasure to create her. I did not use any printed pattern, just drew what I had in mind on paper and made a block accordingly.


Saree Quilt.... added few more stitches...still along way to the end.

Beginning of a Checker Square blanket...

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Have a wonderful first day of Autumn!


Candlewick Cotton ..........[learning left hand crochet]

Stool Cover

This is Strutts Candlewick Cotton made in UK in 1950s ; which I found on a recent visit to the thrift store. Since, it was something I had not seen before, I searched on google to figure out what the yarn was used for. I found out the period that they were manufactured, also there are pictures, such as ladies hats,bed spreads made out of this yarn.
While, I do not how long ago these were purchased; they do look like, that they are in original wrapping( bit yellowed) and there were 16 skeins in the bag. The colours have not faded, and yarn is in very good condition. 

The stool is from IKEA which I got awhile back. I used up all the yarn, made two separate pieces, and then joined with a single crochet. With the few remaining strands, I made tassels to add bit more chic to the cover. 

I quite like the way it turned out.

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Cross Stitch Angel..

I finally completed the cross stitch kit that I got from the thrift store recently.  The instructions left in there, was only in French; my french lessons are from so long ago, and I cannot remember much of it ( not good). I used the diagram and picture that was included as a guide.

I put it on my easel for these pictures, later I am going to attach a loop so I can hang it.

His and Hers ;Lavender Sachets 

I crocheted these for a colleague of mine who is married in the coming weekend. They are easy to make, but the details are not so neat as I did them in a hurry. I filled them with dried lavender mixed with stuffing.

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Octagonal Motif Throw...

Here is the finished one.

It is small n' cute; measures 25x25 inches.
Since, I use thrift store yarn most of the time, and not always that they have labels on them, I tried my best to use ones with similar textures. That way, when the motifs were joined, it would not be too much puckered or uneven.
I am pleased with the result, and if I want to make a bigger one with a similar pattern, now I have the confidence to do so.

It spent sunday morning at the park, for these pictures. :)

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Almost the weekend...

Adding stitches to the Saree Quilt.................

Octagonal Motif throw....looking forward to finish it
All yarn are from, the thrift stores in my town....I am impressed with variety of colours, that I was able to find. At first, I wanted to leave (without filling in the spaces) the diamond shapes that were created, after joining the octagons. Then I found the purple grey yarn,  I tried square, it fitted in perfectly, and it blends-in nicely too.

On my recent visit to the thrift store,I bought this bag of yarn for $3. I got it, even though,I did not know what candlewick cotton is/was used for. I thought of doing some crocheting.
A bit of google search led me to this link and many other images. It says the yarn is from 1950s, made in UK. This lot seems to be in very good condition with its original labels(I think);only bit yellowed.

I tried a sample of crocheting and it turned out quite well. I have 12 skeins put in to an idea.

Strutts Candelwick Cotton

The cross stitch kit  is also from the thrift store,was 0.99 cents. I' m looking forward to this project.

Thank you for stopping by .... have a wonderful weekend,

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