Almost the weekend...

Adding stitches to the Saree Quilt.................

Octagonal Motif throw....looking forward to finish it
All yarn are from, the thrift stores in my town....I am impressed with variety of colours, that I was able to find. At first, I wanted to leave (without filling in the spaces) the diamond shapes that were created, after joining the octagons. Then I found the purple grey yarn,  I tried square, it fitted in perfectly, and it blends-in nicely too.

On my recent visit to the thrift store,I bought this bag of yarn for $3. I got it, even though,I did not know what candlewick cotton is/was used for. I thought of doing some crocheting.
A bit of google search led me to this link and many other images. It says the yarn is from 1950s, made in UK. This lot seems to be in very good condition with its original labels(I think);only bit yellowed.

I tried a sample of crocheting and it turned out quite well. I have 12 skeins put in to an idea.

Strutts Candelwick Cotton

The cross stitch kit  is also from the thrift store,was 0.99 cents. I' m looking forward to this project.

Thank you for stopping by .... have a wonderful weekend,


  1. Nice crafty thrifted finds! I must start looking in that section more carefully when I go. I really love your crocheted blanket. It looks great with the squares in there. Very nice.

    1. Thank you very much. There is always something interesting I find in that corner of the store.

  2. I love your sari quilt. Beautiful!

  3. Wow, you've been busy with the crafting Gaia! Love that crochet blanket and what you did with the little diamonds. Enjoy your weekend. Wendy x


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