Monday, 28 July 2014

Summer flower....

I have seen many blogs have wonderfully edited and, watermarked pictures. I have been curious;wanted to try myself to see how it worked. My search led me to; an exciting website with numerous options.
I played around a bit to create this collage, while the effect is very appealing, the task of editing pictures for each and every post is bit tedious.  I am not the most tech savvy person!!

This is my newest crochet creation. I am sure you have seen plenty of these types of ornaments around the blogland, I am adding mine to that mix.

Saree quilt is coming along bit by bit ,as well the octagon throw.

It makes me really happy when you stop by,
thank you,



  1. I agree with you on editing photos via picmonkey. I sometimes spend far too long getting the watermark on all my photos. After finding some of my photos on a travel blog however (without my permission), I now put the watermark on my favourite photos. Your flower looks very charming :) Wendy x

  2. what lovely decorations you have created here, I am off to check out the link you have shared. I am afraid the little skill I had with a hook seems to have deserted me, decided to have a crochet day on friday but not successful I am afraid. Instructions did not seem to make sense any more.

  3. checked the link, thought it was for making your lovely creations, did not pick up on it being playing around with photos, way over my head

  4. Now you know how to do it, the collage! Really well. It is some time ago that I teached it to myself. And now I am collaging Sharon's stitches all toone page to thin out my photo albums.... I don't know if it is practical or not.. time will show.

  5. What a pretty and unique wallhanging you made! I love the colours.

    1. Thank You, I had fun making it.

  6. Love your Summer flowers - really pretty :) :) The Saree quilt and octagon throw look lovely too - I've been a bit lazy recently! Will check out your link, sounds interesting - thanks Gaia :D
    Alison x

  7. LOVE the Saree quilt! Can't wait to see more!