Sunday, 6 July 2014

Octagonal motif throw ..(learning left hand crochet)

I am working on my newest crochet project.

I still do not know how large I want to make it yet. I did struggle with the joining the octagons, finally figured this would be the way to do it.


At the thrift store I found this russian doll for $3. It is about foot long, it did not have rest of the family inside, instead a collection of buttons. I do, however have another family to join it with.

This collection of  Anchor and DMC embroidery floss were $3.  

This weekend I also had the opportunity to visit the Art Gallery of Ontario to see the Frances Bacon and Henry Moore exhibit called 'Terror and Beauty'.  It was a wonderful experience; apart from the special exhibition there were huge amount of other art to see.  You need few hours to go through them all.

You stopped by to take a peek !!...... Thank you :)

till next time, 


  1. such colourful crochet, very nice. Good to read you enjoyed Henry Moore we have a big gallery here in Leeds with lots of his work in

  2. Greetings Gaia :) Your crocheting is lovely. I too am left-handed and love to do it, however have never tried octagons. I recently made a crocheted flower garland that is decorating my kitchen right now! I love it.

    I want to see that Henry Moore and Francis Bacon show too. The AGO is great.

  3. Thank you for stopping by. I am glad to meet another left hander :) This is my first attempt on octagons, it is from a 70's book, which I found at Value Village.
    The exhibition is amazing, I think it will be there for another week or so.

  4. All of your octagons are crocheted so evenly and in a nice array of different colours. I have a small collection of stacking dolls too. Neat to find buttons inside your Russian man. Another inexpensive find of all the embroidery floss which is always great.
    How wonderful that you were able to take in the exhibition. Bet it was great :)

  5. I visited AGO during one of my visits to Toronto. Apart from the collection, I enjoyed eating at the cafeteria too! That way, Toronto is one of my favorite cities.

    Beautiful crochet, btw.

  6. If you can, would you mind setting up e-mail notification option for your blog? Currently, I don't always get notices of your posts and with e-mail notification I will. Thanks.

  7. Setting up email notifications is quit easy. Go to the Layout menu on the Blogger settings page. On the right side of Layout page, you will see 'add gadgets'. Click on it and as you scroll down you will see "follow by email" gadget. Click "save" and it will show up on your blog page.

  8. I'm catching up here Gaia, sorry that I've missed a few posts. Your octagons look great so far! I saw a Henry Moore exhibit many years ago and quite enjoyed it too. Wendy