Burlap (Jute)

Running stitches on a burlap sack using acrylic yarn/wool. You have to wait a bit more longer to see the final make. I am satisfied with the effort so far. Due to the gloomy weather it was difficult to get a decent photograph.

How do you like teabag art turned into maybe book-marks?

It rained quite a lot on saturday morning, so I spent most of the day doing crafts and having lots of tea.. it was wonderful. 

looking forward to may flowers ... 

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First day of


Bit of paint and stitches on a tea bag. The photograph did not come out well, as it was quite gloomy on saturday, with some snowing too.

continue working on the sewing/quilting piece as well. (this photo was taken sunday)

While browsing for crafting items, I came across these lovely handkerchives, in their original boxes; one of which is mens'(plain one) I am collecting hankies for while a now, with few ideas in mind. They were $2.99 a box.

Join me for a cup !

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While waiting for spring..

I did finish my flower crochet throw. I spent most of the evenings working on it. It is not very large; approx. 36x56 inches.

As you know already, I do my crocheting using thrift-ed yarn; except when I make baby things, then I buy new from the store. Finally, when something is made out of all these odd n' ends, it does make me happy.

I tried much as possible to use yarn of similar colour and texture.  I didn't have enough green as same as flowers for the border, so I did use something little bulkier.

As soon as I finished (this morning) I wanted to take some pictures, and it is being very cold this weekend I had to do quickly before the sun hid behind the clouds. I think temperature was between -6c and -10c.

A little craft for the wall with the crochet flowers I made few weeks ago.

looking for signs for spring......

nothing yet...

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Things I did in June....

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