Monday, 20 March 2017

First day of


Bit of paint and stitches on a tea bag. The photograph did not come out well, as it was quite gloomy on saturday, with some snowing too.

continue working on the sewing/quilting piece as well. (this photo was taken sunday)

While browsing for crafting items, I came across these lovely handkerchives, in their original boxes; one of which is mens'(plain one) I am collecting hankies for while a now, with few ideas in mind. They were $2.99 a box.

Join me for a cup !

Thank you for stopping by on this first day of spring ,

till next post,


  1. Happy First Day of Spring, Gaia! It goes without saying that I'm loving the stitched up tea bags. So cute!

  2. the tea bag has worked well and your other piece is coming along a treat too. Now wondering ehat you plan to do with those hankies

  3. The tea bag stitching is so sweet. Curious to see what the hankies will be transformed into. Enjoy your weekend Gaia ... let's look past the drizzly rain shall we? :)