Saturday, 21 March 2015

Second day of spring...

spring saree quilt...

adding colour to the applique...

Putting the crochet squares together...

For this project, I  manged to collect few BERNAT (brand) super value yarn balls from the thrift store over several months. I hope they will yarn last till the end of the project.

A crochet flower  to wear on my spring jacket. Since, I took the picture I have added two leaves from this green yarn and have worn it several times now.

Otomi Embroidery?( or not?) I was given a bag of scrap material by a friend, and this embroidery piece was among the material. I had not seen this type of work before, so I searched the internet for images and information. I think it is Otomi embroidery (images here) from Mexico. I am thinking of making a cushion cover out this.

Looking forward to  leaves and blooms !!!!

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Tuesday, 3 March 2015


I had a busy last month at my work, which led to little or no time for creative work. When ever I got few moments to spare I indulged myself in, on the projects which I have started.

small embroidery piece, going at snail speed...

crochet squares....was able add couple more to the lot, still a long way for what I have planned.

spring saree quilt...

applique part is more or less done, now I need to figure out of rest of the pattern in order do the quilting.

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