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I tried a bit more of darning on jute.. a paisley design this time.

Saree quilt is coming along too..

Crochet Squares... I am not experienced in crocheting,(this my second year of learning) but I feel that the pattern has either a printing error or an editing error. Because when I followed the instructions I could not figure out after the 2nd round.(or may be I am wrong) I had to keep referring to the picture many times, and I did change stitches in couple of places. 

Crafts for V.Day.... Jute hearts , used tea bag envelopeandletters  made out of naturally dyedfabric.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!

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till next time, xxx, Gaia

A bit of darning...

My current sewing projects seems never ending, and I much needed a break from them, and this what I did; a small darning piece on jute/gunny sack.

I have done applique before on jute also darning on cotton material, but this is the first time I tried darning on these.

On a recent visit to the thrift store, I also picked up two bags of colourful tapestry wool and I wanted to try  something with them. And, this project seemed ideal for that.

.. there is more room for improvement;

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