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Felt easter egg ; I made these for my tea &card group exchange.

Learning the ripple pattern; I have been crocheting for almost for three years now, and still could not learn the ripple pattern. So, this long weekend I took time to learn it... few rows so far.

Baby shoes ; this is my very first attempt; pattern and  the instructions are from They were easy to make and, I think it took about an hour or so to do.
I have finished sewing the border of the quilt, now it has to be folded and sewn again. And, then there are few other finishing details to be added, before I can show the whole quilt.

Visit to the art gallery to see a great photography exhibition..

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Orange blooms... [learning left hand crochet]

A small throw...

I started this project several months ago, from a craft magazine called 'Americana Afghans' published in 1974.
After browsing through the projects, I was tempted to try out this particular throw, which had a vintage look  and, I also wanted to learn something other than a granny square.
Since, I do all my crocheting using thrift-ed yarn it was also a challenge to find all suitable yarn.

I got this far... I would have liked to complete the whole blanket with the exact number of motifs, according to the pattern, but I got bit impatient as I have not been able find more yarn of the similar shades at the thrift stores lately.(specially the greens) I found lots other colours and want to start something else and did not want this project to get neglected, for a longer period, so I thought to finish it with what I had.

   It looks like I had understood the pattern somewhat.

saree quilt..
continuing on with hand stitching.. this is the border.

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Learning embroidery..

 ~crewel wool tortoise ~

I practiced more of couch stitch here( only on the tortoise), and did not spent lot of time on the other background details. I am pleased with how it turn out.

 to the finish line..

saree quilt update;
I also did some detail work on the give more texture. .And, still have to work on the other blocks which need the same.

... finally did cut fabric for the border.

Today was a lovely sunday, where there was enough sunlight to take few clear pictures.

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