Sunday, 6 March 2016

Learning embroidery..

 ~crewel wool tortoise ~

I practiced more of couch stitch here( only on the tortoise), and did not spent lot of time on the other background details. I am pleased with how it turn out.

 to the finish line..

saree quilt update;
I also did some detail work on the give more texture. .And, still have to work on the other blocks which need the same.

... finally did cut fabric for the border.

Today was a lovely sunday, where there was enough sunlight to take few clear pictures.

Thank you for stopping by see my work,

till next time,



  1. loving your hedgehog and the elephants are coming along so well

  2. Hi Gaia! Your embroidery looks wonderful... you know I am also about to start learning it :)
    Keep on sharing your art...elephants are cute...:))

  3. Your embroideries are beautiful!

  4. Really lovely embroidery Gaia - I love the little tortoise at the finish line, too cute! Your quilt blocks are coming on beautifully too :)

  5. I love to see your progress! I love the turtle - or tortoise ( Is there a difference?)

  6. The turtle is a winner, for sure! And the quilt is coming along so nicely.