Saturday, 26 March 2016

Felt easter egg ; I made these for my tea &card group exchange.

Learning the ripple pattern; I have been crocheting for almost for three years now, and still could not learn the ripple pattern. So, this long weekend I took time to learn it... few rows so far.

Baby shoes ; this is my very first attempt; pattern and  the instructions are from They were easy to make and, I think it took about an hour or so to do.
I have finished sewing the border of the quilt, now it has to be folded and sewn again. And, then there are few other finishing details to be added, before I can show the whole quilt.

Visit to the art gallery to see a great photography exhibition..

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  1. good to see you have mastered the ripple, it will make a lovely shawl of blanket, such tiny shoes for a new born. Hope to see the quilt completed soon, I so enjoy the hand stitching of the binding, very relaxing to do

  2. Hello Gaia, One of those pretty felt eggs is adorning my china cabinet - thank you so much. You do lovely work. Crocheting the ripple pattern is something I've never mastered, either. And I think you are left handed (by the tags above), which makes it more challenging to learn from instructions written for right handed people. Wishing you a wonderful Easter.

  3. Love the super cute felt Easter eggs. Thanks again, Gaia. I haven't been to the AGO in years. Wished that I lived closer so that I can check out the exhibits.

  4. It was a treat to receive the pretty embroidered felt egg Gaia! I love the steaming cup of tea on the back. My husband and I enjoy the AGO too (actually my son loves going with us!). Nice photo of you ;) Your ripple blanket is looking nice. I like the pattern. Have a great week ahead.

  5. Looks like you certainly have mastered the ripple pattern. I've been crocheting for years and have never even tried it. Very cute looking blue booties and a very nice photo of you too.

  6. Wasn't that exhibit at the AGO good? I really enjoyed it.

    Your little baby slippers are adorable. I also really like the felt egg. And I agree, ripple stitch is not the easiest to learn. I've been crocheting since I was a child and still find it challenging!

  7. Well done on the ripple pattern Gaia - I've not got round to trying it. The wee baby boots are gorgeous :) Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt - nice to see a photo of you!