Sunday, 13 March 2016

Orange blooms... [learning left hand crochet]

A small throw...

I started this project several months ago, from a craft magazine called 'Americana Afghans' published in 1974.
After browsing through the projects, I was tempted to try out this particular throw, which had a vintage look  and, I also wanted to learn something other than a granny square.
Since, I do all my crocheting using thrift-ed yarn it was also a challenge to find all suitable yarn.

I got this far... I would have liked to complete the whole blanket with the exact number of motifs, according to the pattern, but I got bit impatient as I have not been able find more yarn of the similar shades at the thrift stores lately.(specially the greens) I found lots other colours and want to start something else and did not want this project to get neglected, for a longer period, so I thought to finish it with what I had.

the reverse
   It looks like I had understood the pattern somewhat.

from the magazine
saree quilt..
continuing on with hand stitching.. this is the border.

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  1. What great colours in your crocheted afghan. Looks like a lot of work and you're doing well with the pattern.

  2. the crochet looks good I like the added centres they give a 3D look

  3. Love the finished afghan Gaia - the colours are great :) Using thrifted yarn gives it a really unique look too! Happy Monday :)
    Alison x

  4. That is really pretty! It's so cool that you followed a pattern from the 70s. It really does give it a vintage look.

  5. I love the afghan colours! I understand how frustrating that would be when you can't finish it up because this looks amazing. I like that vintage feel to it too. Our thrift store seems to have really reduced their craft section (including yarn) which is disappointing.

  6. I've always been partial to the vintage look so I'm loving your colourful afghan.