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Cell phone case

A new phone..

I have had my old for ages [at least 6 yrs]. That's a long time isn't it? For the past few months my phone company has been calling me with new phone deals. I have been postponing because, my cell phone use is limited and also, I did not want to be held in a contract for years.

but finally I gave in.......

I wanted to make a pretty case for the phone. So here it is;

I used a piece of green felt for the inside and for outside this cotton fabric. I did hand stitch everything and it took only couple of hours to finish.

The lace circles are cut off from an old tee shirt and sewn in blanket stitch using craft thread.

The phone has all sorts of  new gadgets; it will take awhile for me to get use to it as I am not the most tech savvy person.
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Darning ....

Rain, rain, go away................

A raining day inspired me to start this little piece.

By the time I finished it, the rain had gone away ......

come again, another day.......
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Patched !

Old Tank tops ....

While organising my closet recently I came across a few of my very old tank tops, rather throwing them away  I wanted try out something creative.

I cut the edges off and made squares. They all vary in sizes. By using craft thread I had I patched them together using the running stitch.

The patched panel...

For the back I used a flowered cotton material which I bought from a yard sale. 

To hold the both panels together,  yet again I used the running stitch and did lines both vertically and horizontally until it felt secured. [picture below]

....... a rustic table cloth for my dining table. 
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Applique - Tote Bag

The materials I used for the bag are from a thrift store and from a yard sale.

I traced the pattern which I had sketched, and by using the running stitch I sewed it to the front of the panel. 

Sewed a yo-yo with button to make it more pretty and used blanket stitch to finish it off.

Rather than sewing by hand, I machine stitched the two panels together along with the lining for extra strength. 

And, it is done. 

I will be giving this away as a gift.

Ready for shopping ??
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Still Life 3

Few more of my still life artwork, by using the IPAD application 'procreate'. 



Water bottle

Which one do you like the most?
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Ouuuch !!!


Pins, pins everywhere....

This is my attempt to make one of these cute looking pincushions. I stumbled upon this website while searching for easy to make pincushions. Here is the link;

I made the designs on the felt ( the top part) before sewing it to the base. I used a cap from a water bottle for this one.

And, for this I used a cap from an olive oil bottle.

I am going to give these to a friend who does crafts. Hope she is going to like them.

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