Weaving continue..

I completed another small weaved piece. I experimented with different textured yarn. I, think I should have used a more contrasting colour for the bottom trims, it would have added more of a balance to the whole piece. On to the next one..

 Couple of more tea bag crafts over many cups of tea on a gloomy rainy afternoon.

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Used tea bag..


I did couple of projects before with used tea bags.  You can see them here and here. For, these pieces I used embroidery thread and, also bits of lace.

I quite enjoyed making these and, I have a whole stack to experiment with. These tea filters are  bit bigger than regular bags which I like, because it has space to work a pattern with more embellishments etc.

Have to be careful when working with such flimsy paper, I pricked my finger few times.. :)

Winter is just around the corner..

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Marigold and Saffron Flower..

quilt is finally done.

All hand sewn
I wanted to add blue for the border but didn't have enough material so I went this maroon colour.

I am pleased with my effort. Although in some places I feel that I have rushed.

Although, I have never actually calculated how many hours goes in to a hand sewn project, I think I may have put in approx. 100 hours. or more for this one.

It was a sunny sunday morning to for these pictures and a walk around my neighbourhood park.

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