Saturday, 26 November 2016

Weaving continue..

I completed another small weaved piece. I experimented with different textured yarn. I, think I should have used a more contrasting colour for the bottom trims, it would have added more of a balance to the whole piece. On to the next one..

 Couple of more tea bag crafts over many cups of tea on a gloomy rainy afternoon.

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  1. weaving is coming along very well like how it builds up gradually think the bottom trims look fine. Tea bags looking good too just as well you like tea or have you friends saving them for you too.

  2. The cute teabag crafts make me smile!

  3. You are so creative! I love the weaving and the bad adornments.

  4. It is so nice to see something different. Now tempted to try weaving next year. Thank you for an interesting post. Marion

  5. What a lovely weaving, and I loved your tea bag creations.

    You have so many lovely things to look at here on your blog. Thank you!