Sunday, 13 November 2016

Marigold and Saffron Flower..

quilt is finally done.

All hand sewn
I wanted to add blue for the border but didn't have enough material so I went this maroon colour.

I am pleased with my effort. Although in some places I feel that I have rushed.

Although, I have never actually calculated how many hours goes in to a hand sewn project, I think I may have put in approx. 100 hours. or more for this one.

It was a sunny sunday morning to for these pictures and a walk around my neighbourhood park.

Thank you for stopping by,

till next project,


  1. Your quilt is beautiful, Gaia! It's amazing that you did that all by hand.

  2. this is a real beauty love to see embridery on a quilt so many hours put in to create such a masterpiece you must be thrilled now for your next project

  3. Your handmade quilt is lovely, Gaia. The cheery yellow is just what you need to chase the winter blahs away!

  4. Beautiful! Gaia, you must be so happy to have completed this. It's amazing to see the entire quilt finished now. So much stitching, but all completely worth it. Love that shade of golden yellow for the background. Enjoy your week!

  5. Your quilt is bright and beautiful, Gaia, and a work of art.