Saturday, 19 November 2016

Used tea bag..


I did couple of projects before with used tea bags.  You can see them here and here. For, these pieces I used embroidery thread and, also bits of lace.

I quite enjoyed making these and, I have a whole stack to experiment with. These tea filters are  bit bigger than regular bags which I like, because it has space to work a pattern with more embellishments etc.

Have to be careful when working with such flimsy paper, I pricked my finger few times.. :)

Winter is just around the corner..

Thank you for stopping by for a peek,

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  1. it must be tricky stitching on tea baf=gs you have reeally enhanced thses beautifully.
    Winter is here too we have had snow twice so far and the south of England is bening battered by a storm but so far it is calm here.

  2. I would try this if we had bigger teabags. Thank you for sharing what is a wonderful unique way to use teabags.

  3. These are so cute ... love the idea. They look so delicate. Winter arrived here too with a dusting of snow on Sunday. It's still remaining in the shady spots.

  4. How adorable! LOVE the embroidered tea bags!

  5. Really lovely idea Gaia- love the combination of delicate embroidery and lace oddments. It's all frosty here too - slowly getting back online after my laptop crashed - ooops!
    Alison x

  6. More wonderful tea bag projects. They are lovely.