Saturday, 3 December 2016

Ripples of hope blanket..

I finally finished it. The blanket measures approx. 65 inches x 36 inches. Another one of my thrift-ed yarn makes.

Just what I need for the sofa...

Blooms of Spring;
A new project for the winter. I found this crochet book the thrift store for $1.(retail price is $25) It has many techniques, ideas and stitch patterns. I thought I will try this flower motif.

Over the last few months,I have manged to collect quite a number of different coloured yarn from the thrift stores. And, this would be a good project for use them.

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  1. Wow! the ripple blanket looks great! I really like that pattern. Good for you to complete it all with thrifted yarn. Yarn is so expensive, and it's so nice when people donate their extras to the thrift stores. The book looks like it has some great projects to keep you busy this winter.

  2. your blanket looks great and will bo cosy to put over your kness when it is cold. Crochet flowers looking good to have fun using up your thrift wool buys

  3. Beautiful! The bright colours will definitely cheer you up during these cold winter days.

  4. What a cheerful and colourful ripple blanket. It will brighten up any sofa or chair and add cozy warmth on a cool winter's evening.

    I do like those pretty crocheted flower squares. What a lovely way to use up your thrift wool supply.