Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Season's Greetings !!

 These were made for my Tea & card group Christmas exchange. I browsed Pinterest for inspiration and came up these ornaments.

happy holidays and, best wishes for 2017 !!!

Thank you for stopping by to see my creative work and leaving me kind comments through out the year.

till next year...


  1. They are so cute, Gaia, and hang now on my Christmas tree. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us! Merry Christmas and Happy 2017.

  2. teo great designs I have done the tree one before but it did not have the extra centre piece which makes it look so much better, have a lovely Christmas

  3. Too cute! I'm honoured to have the Santa and tree ornaments hanging on my purple tree. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

  4. These handmade decorations are the best Gaia! I love them and they are on my tree too :) Merry Christmas!
    Wendy xox