Saturday, 2 April 2016

Elephants, Peacocks and Paisley

bohemian saree quilt ....

After many thousands of stitches by hand, finally my bohemian quilt is done. Even though the weather was rather gloomy today, I could not wait, but wanted to take some pictures to post.

So, what you do think of it? I don't know if I should have done more work on each block. 

 There are sixteen blocks in all,

and in one of the blocks I stitched a pattern instead of an applique.

What a feeling it was to do the last stitch. 

I wanted to edit the pictures to a collage but my computer hard drive is crashed and, I am using an old laptop which is not helping me a lot.

I am already thinking about the next saree project. 

Thank you for stopping by today,

till my next post,


  1. this is a real work of art you must be thrilled with it such beautiful applique and stitching a wonderful quilt

  2. It's GORGEOUS, Gaia! You did an awesome job! I can also picture it as a wall hanging. Hope your computer issues get resolved soon!

  3. Your quilt is just amazing Gaia! I love the fabrics of saree, and all those appliqued pieces were so much work. The elephants are so cute, and I like that block of the stitched flowers ... beautiful, beautiful work! You have a great talent with the needle & thread ;) I know you must feel elated to have this completed at long last. And now another saree project?! Can't wait ;) Have a great day ... are they still calling for snow tomorrow? I hope not,


  4. What an amazing and creative work, Gaia. It's unique and reflects YOU! Congratulations on a project well done and finished.

  5. I love your charming elephants!

  6. It looks great! Congratulations on finishing. Nothing quite as satisfying as getting to the end of a project.

  7. It looks great! Congratulations on finishing it. Nothing quite as satisfying as getting to the end of a project.