Saturday, 16 April 2016

Saffron flower ...

 Saree Quilt

I hope you will not get tired seeing another saree quilt of mine. I could not resist when I came across this cotton saree at the thrift store couple of months ago, for $4.99. I love the colour, and as soon as I saw, I knew I would want to make quilt.

The golden colour of the material inspired me to start with a saffron flower, and while sketching patterns I also thought about adding a marigold flower.

For the saffron flower, I am using folded bias tape cut out from a blue voile, and as for the marigold flower, I still have not decided how it should be done.


I have made some progress on the ripple pattern as well.

Thank you for coming by today,

till my next post,


  1. you are being creative with your flower, crochet looks good too

  2. Love the colour! Yellow is one of my faves...

  3. Hi Gaia!!! Wonderful... I can't wait to see the finished project :) The flowers will be beautiful.
    The ripple pattern is coming along nicely.
    Have a great and creative week ahead!

  4. Hi Gaia - your drawing looks so lovely - the saree quilt is bound to turn out great :) Love the colours. Your ripple blanket is looking good!

  5. What fantastic material, and so chealp, to use for a quilt; the elegant red border is there already and with a saffron-flower you'll have a colourful quilt.