Monday, 25 April 2016

Saffron and Marigold flower quilt...

Part 1.
I am excited to show you the first saffron flower I completed. I did quite a lot of stitching on the weekend to to finish the block.

*Taking photos different times of the day; same fabric in lighter shade above.

These blocks will measure approximately 22x22 inches. I am hoping to add more details after when I add the backing.

Bit of the the marigold flower too.

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  1. this is coming along so well, now I am doing quilting hand stitching seems so slow to do but till enjoy it though the hand joints hurt when I do.

  2. Looks beautiful Gaia - the yellow and the blue are lovely together! :)

  3. Beautiful flowers andbeautiful colors.

  4. I missed these posts on your new quilt, and looked back at the previous post too. I love what you're making with the flowers. The hand stitching adds such a visual charm to the pattern ... love it! The colours look great together. You are such a patient sewer ;)