Saturday, 27 February 2016

Crochet Baby Blanket..

A gift for a new born , he is three weeks old this week. His parents loved blanket and I hope he does too :)

For this project, it was all new yarn from the store, I used 3 balls of grey and one blue. The pattern is from Vogue Dictionary of Crochet stitches; it is a simple variation of half double crochet(hdc). The completed blanket measures about 38x38 inches.

to make it extra special, made it small applique too..

I did not forget work on the bohemian quilt.  After spending many week day nights sewing , I have almost finished quilting along the squares.

And, I found a very suitable piece of fabric for the border as well.

Thank you for stopping by always....

till my next creative post,


  1. the crochet blanket is perfect for a baby, he will be so cosy wrapped in this. Your wuilt has come along well, hope to see it completed soon

  2. The baby blanket is very cute. I have a new baby boy in my life too. He's my friend's child and is 13 weeks old. And I made him a blanket too, although I sewed mine instead of crochet.

    My goodness, your hand-sewn quilt is going to be a beauty!

  3. The baby blanket is so lovely with the 2 little birds.

  4. Hi Gaia - the baby blanket is lovely - very cute applique details :) Looking forward to seeing the completed quilt - it will be fabulous!