Sunday, 14 February 2016


Learning embroidery..

the process is slow and there so much to absorb..

In this piece  I experimented; double threaded backstitch; where I also learnt that, while passing the thread in opposite direction through the backstitch it is so easy to pick the adjoining stitches if you are not careful. The instructions does point that too.
And, in  basic couching I used regular embroidery floss but the book mentions that there is couching thread, but I think you can use any thread that suits the pattern and the fabric. Whipped stem stitch is done similarly to threaded backstitch.

My work did not finish as neat as I would have wanted it to be; at times I was in a hurry to see the end.

Happy Valentine's Day !!

Thank you for stopping by today,

till my next creative post,


  1. Happy Valentine's Day, Gaia! I'm sure you enjoyed learning those embroidery stitches and that's what counts. You've done well!

  2. double threaded back stitch is a new one to me so will check it out later in my stitch books. This piece looks good, know what you mean about rushing to complete I do the same but then I have a problem as I do not like starting something new

  3. Hope you're having a wonderful Valentine's Day long weekend, Gaia! I'm always impressed by your sewing skillz!

  4. These stitches sound like they take a long time, so no wonder you were getting impatient! Sometimes I feel the same way, and have to remind myself to just enjoy the process a little more rather than rushing. Your embroidery looks really interesting with the variety of stitches!