Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Saree quilt progress...and other

I have been spending many of my evenings quilting the squares; there are few more to do before I start on the border. I opted not to do too many patterns on the blocks this time, as some of them itself got bold designs, on sort of dark earthy colours.  I tried stitching the designs on more softer tones, or where the block has less busy patterns.

On Crocheting......
I made this brooch, out of left over yarn from my scarf. The pattern is from a book I came cross at my neighbourhood library.(Sasha Kagan;Crochet Inspiration).  I did change the stitches a bit for the petal; instead of double crochet (dc)I used half double crochet(hdc) since, I did not have required amount.

I have worn it many times now.

cowl scarf
This Japanese Noro yarn was in a bag of left overs that was passed on to me by a friend. It was just about enough to make an attempt on a cowl, and this is the first one for me.
And, as for the stitches, it is split dc shells.

These colours are just perfect for the autumn.

Lastly, couple of very useful thrift store finds. (Embroidery book was $7, and Crochet one was $2) Both, books have so much valuable information. I am, looking forward to learn stitches from the embroidery book, since I only know few basic ones. This could be my new resolution ; to learn the whole book :)

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  1. I like your saree project :-)

  2. I love your sari wuilt! Cannot wait to see how it turns out when completed.

  3. quilting is coming along well and the brooch is very pretty. The cowl is going to be lovely very nice pattern and nice shades in the wool. Good buys with your book, I did even better got one for 1p plus £2.80 a couple of weeks ago!

  4. The quilt is looking great Gaia! Cute brooch :) I really like the cowl, both the colours and the pattern. I've been commissioned by my daughter to knit her a cowl, but first we have to buy her a new winter jacket (this weekend at the Royal). I'm thinking of knitting it with cables, which are fun to do. Have a great day! Wendy x

  5. How lovely that you can work with Noro wool - I own the embroidery book, too. It is great - I also found it second hand - in USA - how many books we imported from USA like that! It is a wonderful source of stitches. And what a beautiful crocheted brooch.

  6. So many lovely projects on the go! I love your brooch and cowl. And the quilt looks like it will turn out very nicely too. Good finds with those books.