Sunday, 29 November 2015

Crewel wool embroidery...


Another small project with crewel wool.


 Petal squares... I manged to crochet 10 squares each from the five colours except for blue, which had enough for nine only; even though they are of the same brand and new balls. So, to get an even number I made one with all the colours  Now, all is left is, to put them together and do the border.

Few months ago I attempted this motif but it turned out with many mistakes. I re-read the pattern again and gave it another try. I think this time I manged to get it almost correct.

From the thrift store... needle lace pieces, I do not know whether they are hand made or machine made though.

Thank you for stopping by today..

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  1. crewel work looks good and the crochet squares ill make into a lovely little blanket

  2. Yes, good solution with the extra square in all colours, it makes it really your own blanket. Theneedle lace is very veautiful. I can't tell if it is handmade or not. Even made by machine it is a little treasure.

  3. Your crewel embroidery is beautiful, I love the tree with the 2 little birds.and your crochet work is wonderful.

  4. That is certainly going to be a lovely crocheted blanket! I love the colours. I also love that vintage-looking piece with the rose. So pretty.