Friday, 11 December 2015

Petal square crochet throw....

After joining all the squares, I made a border; couple of rows of hdc with a darker shade of purple I had.

Using my edging book, I tried out an easy edging which could be added to an already crocheted item.   These edgings are done separately for lingerie,pillow cases, bath linen etc., Luckily with the pattern I chose, I manged to crocheted all around the border with out having to leave extra stitches.

I got the book from a yard sale. It says copyright  1945 printed in Canada for The Canadian Spool Cotton Co, and price is marked as fifteen cents. It has so many beautiful trimmings and edgings.

I am glad you came by.,

till next time,



  1. this is such a colourful crochet blanket, you will be nice and warm this winter

  2. That is lovely, Gaia. I love the colours and the edging is so nice. That books sounds like it was a great yard sale find!

  3. This is such a pretty throw. Love the colours, and just big enough to wrap around your shoulders without being cumbersome. Love the lacy edging you added. Enjoy your Sunday ... so bleak outdoors though isn't it. Hopefully some cheerier skies will greet us this week!

  4. Cozy and colorful. I like the edging very much. The book sounds like a great reference.

  5. Your blanket is beautiful. I love the oolors.

  6. Love the crochet throw Gaia - so pretty :) The edging really finishes it off - that book looks like a great reference to have for your collection, what a great find!