Saturday, 4 November 2017

Left-handed,left -over,left -over blanket

As you know, almost all of my crochet attempts, are done with thrift-ed yarn, with few exceptions. Most of these thrift-store bought yarn are left overs from others, occasionally I do find new ones with labels on. Since I started to learn crochet(2013), I too collected left-overs from left-overs :)

backing as well

and is my attempt on making a blanket out of them. It took about 10 months complete.
lots of ends to weave in

I used pure wool and acrylic but no cottons. There were some left-over granny squares from previous projects which I added.  It is an imperfect rectangle :)

....... Left-handed-left-over-left-over blanket ......

I gave the blanket to my cousin, she liked it a lot.

 .. this crochted scarf was for my aunt.

I have not done  much crafting lately, as I have been under the weather a bit. I think it is changing of the seasons.

lots of ginger tea helped...

Thank you for stopping by for a peek,

till next time,



  1. What a beautiful blanket! I love that you used (and called it) the left-over left-overs ha! A great use for the smaller bits for sure. Your aunt's scarf is so pretty too, love the pattern. Hope you're feeling better again Gaia, today is a good day to stay inside and craft. I'm spending the day knitting a scarf and it's working up nicely :)

  2. Your Cousin will think of you when she is snuggled up in your lovely Blanket. Your Aunt will be using your scarf soon with the weather changing. It looks so pretty and feminine Gaia. I hope you feel brighter soon. Take care now. Marion x

  3. Your cousin and aunt are lucky to have such a talented crocheter in the family! Hope you have recovered from the bug that's been going around. I caught a cold back in September and I STILL have an annoying cough.

  4. You do such creative work with all those left-over left-overs! I love all the bright colours. And, what a pretty scarf--my mom would love that colour.