Sunday, 27 August 2017

Crewel Wool

flowers ...

After several months of slow work, I finished the first part of the flowers.  I am thinking of adding few more different motifs to it, and may be make into a cushion.

bit of crocheting..

The weekend was full sunshine, and I did lots of walking..

..sat under a shady tree and did bit of sketching too...

captured few different yellows...

Thank you for stopping by for a peek,

till next time,



  1. A cushion will work well for this embroidery and your crochet is so even which I could do it like that. Amazed at your skills with your sketching very talented you are . Flowers look lovely too yellow is such an uplifting colour brightens even the darkest day

  2. Where did summer go?!? Obviously, my favourite shots are the yellow flowers!

  3. I think yellow flowers make it feel sunny whatever the weather. What a lovely sketch Gaia. Your Crochet is beautiful and perfect. I can only do Granny Squares. Marion x

  4. Embroidery and crochet are both lovely :-)

  5. Oh my, I loved your flowers embroidery. They will make a lovely cushion. And what a great sketch. I love how you put it together and the colours are great.

    Those yellow flowers make a bright spot of sunshine in the garden.

    Wishing you a beautiful day...

  6. Your flower crewel work is so pretty. I think crewel holds up well for cushions. Yellow is such a great colour for late summer.