Friday, 18 August 2017

Kantha stitched ..

saree quilt ...

The bright orange voile saree is one of my mother's, she has not worn it much and, is about 40 years old ;nor it is torn or discoloured. She gave it to me over a decade or so ago. I wanted to use up the saree without cutting too much and, thought that this way it would be used well.

I am using 3 layers of cotton saree material ; two of them are of the voile saree and, one is maroon coloured cotton with a design at one end.

The material has a fine line pattern in it, so I am trying my best to stitch long those lines to keep a straight line.

couple of crocheting projects ......

I have been crocheting the granny square for about six months or so now..and making a slow progress.

 pumpkin blossom opened up and, was there for couple days ...

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  1. Oh, My ! That saree is so beautiful, and your work on it is gorgeous. Such a special piece to work on, as it belonged to your mother... Keep going ! :D

    In stitches,

  2. Oooh, lovely bright colour for a quilt, Gaia :) Nice that it has a sentimental value too - it will make a lovely heirloom keepsake.

    Crochet is looking good too - I like to have a background project to work on, nice to just make something slowly sometimes!

  3. Oh, I LOVE the orange saree, fantastic colour! It will be interesting to see the result :-)

  4. how good to be using one of Mum`s saree`s. Crochet looking good too hopefully you will get a pumpkin from the plant

  5. I always love the bright colours that you use for your projects.

    If you're going to the Ex this year, they have the "Quilt of Belonging" on display at the Arts/Crafts/Hobbies building.

  6. I do like the kantha quilts - have you seen the jackets made from them? So beautiful. The blue thread on the orange saree is a wonderful combination. Happy stitching.