Monday, 7 August 2017

Crocheted Moccasins..

My first attempt on something other than blankets, shawls and scarves. I found this moccasin pattern via Pinterest.  You can find it here.

I used Bernat brand and no.4 hook. I don't think I followed the pattern exactly (the instructions weren't too clear for me). I made couple of  unravels before I finally made it. Even then it turned out big bigger than I wanted it to be. But now I know, if I make again what adjustments I should make.

Sunday morning walk........

church garden has its vegetables and flowers growing.

..... also spotted this chair on the side walk which had a lovely needlepoint worked flower panel


my indoor pumpkin creeper too has a bloom which is about open, I am excited !

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  1. slippers will be lovely for the winter. such colourful photos of the garden etc

  2. Nice slippers, Gaia! Is an indoor pumpkin creeper the same plant that produces pumpkins for Halloween? Enjoy the last day of the long weekend!

  3. Cute crochet moccassins Gaia - nice to make something different :) :) Love the needlepoint chair - it looks very sweet on the sidewalk!

  4. These are cute moccasins! They'll be great for fall and winter. I feel the end of summer creeping ever closer now :o