Tuesday, 1 April 2014

A baby blanket [learning left hand crochet]

I am taking a break from my other projects for this new baby blanket. It is for my friend's grand daughter. She is 4 months now, and I want to make something her.

I am making these lacey squares using baby acrylic yarn made in canada. But, I am still not sure how I want to blanket to be. The yarn balls do have a free pattern printed on other side of the label; one of them was for crocheting and other for knitting. I am not using them; I want try something different.

Thank you for taking your time to stop by, it means a lot to me.

till next time,



  1. Hi Gaia!
    The blanket looks so delicate, I like the webby type of squares, just make sure the baby won't get stuck with her fingers in it. Is that pink piece a part of a blankie? Then you are on the right way, you can make a border of squares around it. Otherwise design is of course is up to your creative mind :) Well done!

  2. what a very pretty shade of turquoise, remember to share the blanket with us when completed

  3. What a lovely shade of turquoise. This is a great pattern for the blanket and is going to look great! Wendy x

  4. Hello Gaia,

    thanks for becoming my follower!

    this blanket is going to be wonderful!
    Such an nice colour! In Dutch this is called: "appelgroen"

    The baby will be ever so happy!
    and the mother as well, obviously...

  5. This is going to be a beautiful baby blanket Gaia. The pattern is very nice and the colour you chose is super. Looking forward to seeing your continued work on it. Have a most delightful day :)