Friday, 18 April 2014


I wanted to make a coaster for my tea cup at the office for the longest time. Finally, this weekend being extra long I sat down made this today. There are plenty of inspirations and ideas on the web, I choose to try this one. I wanted attempt and make something with different textures.

I used cotton yarn and a printed cotton cord. I however did not follow any particular pattern so there isn't any exact number of stitches. I increased stitches when I felt that the circle become tight. As you can see my coaster does look a bit rustic. Well, if  I am to make another one, I now know what adjustment I should make.

Lavender Sachets

These couple are for a friend of mine who is having her birthday next week.  The cross stitch work was done sometime ago was in my craft box, now they are half way to vintage.

Baby blanket is coming along too; I am almost done with two balls of yarn. I am making half double crochet lines using a 2.50 hook . The green a little wider than the variegated one.

And, lastly my blanket of many colours;  at the moment I have 15 large blocks finished.

Thank you for taking your time to stop by again,

have a wonderful  weekend,

till next time,


  1. You made a nice little and original coaster in a happy colour.

  2. Nice going! So many projects! The sachets are lovely too!
    I look forward to see your finished blanket in many colors!

  3. Doing a little catching up! The coaster is quite pretty, and the texture adds your 'artistic endeavour'! It's nice to have something homemade on your office desk ;) The blanket of many colours is coming along great! Nice and bright! You have lots going on with all these creations. Wendy x