Saturday, 15 March 2014

My blanket of many colours - part 2 [learning left hand crochet]

I have manged to make about 10 larger squares joining 4 smaller ones.  Most of the yarn are left-overs that I get from the local thrift stores, so they don't have labels; but I have manged to get quite a lot with similar texture and some lovely colours too.

I still don't know how big I want to make this blanket. But for sure, what I have made so far is not sufficient.

I am noticing my skills are improving.

I also picked up this craft book, on one my recent visits to thrift store. It is all about sunflowers; crochet, knit and some felting.


I tried a few of the patterns. I struggled with the written instructions at times, however there are charts for all the patterns, which I found useful.

I added a pin to one of the flowers and made a brooch to wear in my spring jacket. I love it :)

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  1. Your flowers came out beautifully - and the crochet squares are perfect. Happy you to be able to buy in thrift stores. I love to do it, too, but the opportunity is rare.

  2. The squares you made are so neat! And I like the colors too! I am working on a throw turned baby blanket now, just 9 squares are left :)
    The flowers also turned out great!The little flower brooch is lovely!
    Happy Holi!!!

  3. Love the colours of your crochet blanket :) Your flowers are just beautiful! Really like the beading detail too - it works really well :)

  4. Hi Gaia! I've been absent for a while and am catching up. Your blanket is coming along so nicely, and the squares look great together. I like how you're joining them with the dark blue. When I saw all the sunflowers you've made, I just thought they look exactly like your type of work! Can't wait to see what you'll be doing with these little gems ... they're so colourful! I'm going to read back to see what else I've missed the last couple of weeks ;) Have a great week. Wendy x

  5. Your blanket is coming along beautifully and your crocheting skills have definitely improved! Looks like you're a professional crocheter now. The flowers look super and how nice to have one on your spring jacket. Have a happy spring day :)