Sunday, 2 March 2014

vintage inspired ...

tea cosy...
This flowered material was a blouse, (i could not take a picture before i cut it) that I found at a thrift store over a decade ago. Even though it was a  little too big for me, I still bought it because I loved colours and the flowers.

While sorting out the chest of drawers recently,I came upon the blouse, and since I am not wearing it, I of thought of using the material in craft projects. The first idea came to my mind was to make a tea cosy, so I went with that....

I hand stitched everything; and am quite happy with the final result.

Lets all have tea !!!

Thank you taking your time to stop by,



  1. yes please mine is black with no sugar. What a very petty tea cosy

  2. I think this makes a beautiful tea cozy! I just finished a knitted tea cozy this weekend too. We must all be thinking the same thing ... keeping warm & cozy :) Doing a bit of catching up this morning with blogs. Have a great week Gaia, Wendy x

  3. A gorgeous tea cozy!! So bright and colourful and beautifully made. Love your blue and white tea pot too :)

  4. It is so pretty and cozy! Really a cozy cozy :) So your blouse got its second life!