Sunday, 23 February 2014

Making another....

Saree Quilt 
# 2

This is my second Saree Quilt.  This is the post. , I did sometime ago about my first such quilt.

My mother had collected her saree cut-offs over the last couple of years and handed me the bundle when I visited her last December. She is very pleased that I am making use of these odds and ends and ......

.... I am excited to have all these lovely cotton pieces with pretty prints and colours.

So here is the beginning..................

I have cut them in to roughly 15x15 inches squares. Where there was not enough material for one whole square I pieced several to make enough. I have not  pieced them exact corner to corner like the modern quilts. I would like it have a more of a rustic look.

I am waiting to find batting and suitable backing material, so I can start stitching.

But, you may have to wait for awhile to see the end result, as it will be all hand stitched. Last one I think, took almost an year to be completed. is myself in a saree ... :) . . p.s. this was taken few years ago.

I did these crochet hearts couple of weeks ago for valentine, but was unable to post them as I had problems with my internet connection. Finally, I manged to fix it.

I was inspired to make these hearts after I saw knitted ones over at Wendy's blog; she writes this beautiful blog ; .

Thank you for taking your time today to stop by,

till next time,


  1. what a beauty , how good to have used Mum`s left over fabrics for this masterpiece Enjoy hand quilting it and look forward to seeing it completed even if it takes you 12 months

  2. I just LOVE this quilt top!! Gorgeous fabrics, and I think piecing them together a little "off" adds so much to this. It looks amazing now, so it's going to be a real beauty when you're finished the quilting ... a real labour of love. Your mother knows you well to have kept all these cut-offs for you. You look so pretty in the saree Gaia :) And your hearts turned out great! Thank you for the mention, I've been rather lazy all February with blogging and wasn't getting around to visit you (or anyone really). Have a great week Gaia ... even if the temperature is brutal, we can still admire that brilliant blue sky & sunshine, right? Wendy x