Bits n' pieces mat [learning left hand crochet]

I did not want to throw away these crochet lesson pieces because I worked hard to get them right. I could have undone to use in other projects but instead I tried making something else.

I pieced them, adding extra stitches where it needed. All with what I had, I did not buy any new.
It did not become a perfect square or a rectangle, but that was alright. I added a single crocheted border in couple of different yarns.

A bit of an applique too; one of the flowers I learnt.

Lastly, I sewed a piece of plastic grip (which is available at $1 store) to the back to keep it from sliding. It being a little wonky, does not sit perfectly flat on the ground.

I am just happy with its bohemian charm. Now, I am thinking may be another one.


Few more new stitches;

In Pink: half double crochet with chain 1 spaces                                      Yellow: Chain 3 lace

In Purple; lace with spaced shells

Finally, an update on my knitted winter scarf too.........  I have been knitting a lot during the past couple of weeks. I really want to finish the scarf before the winter ends.

Thank you for taking your time today to stop by.....
till next time,


  1. Gaia, this looks wonderful and sweet.and it is a good idea with the non-slipping plastic.

  2. I love that bohemian charm to your colourful mat too! If you tried blocking it by pinning it down on a couple of bath towels to keep it straight (stick the pins straight down, not sideways like you'd do with fabric). Then spritz it with water all over. Allow it to completely dry on the towel before you take the pins out. This might help with the wonkiness. The test pieces you've done up now are looking so neat! Really like the purple one. And your scarf is looking great too! I don't think you need to worry about not getting it done "before winter is over" ... I hear we're getting more snow on Wednesday ... yeah!! :P Wendy x

  3. good to see you have made something so practical from your pieces, hope nobody walks on it and dirties it! Your fancy new stitches look great


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