Sunday, 19 June 2016

Welcoming summer ...

footstool make over; bohemian style !!

The stool was not something antique, or well made for that matter, the lady who had it at her yard sale asked $2 for it. When I saw it I immediately thought of a make over.

I used folk art paint for the surface and, for the decorative patterns.

Neon coloured pom-poms added extra colour and texture that I had in mind. I enjoyed myself doing this project.
And, today's weather was just so warm and sunny, I took it out to the park to take these pictures.

-digital art-

I also experimented with a new art application which was I found in my Galaxy phone ;it also includes a pen that you can use it for drawing and, for writing which is great. But I think, I prefer the ipad better for digital drawings because it has a wider screen.


  1. your foot stool looks lovely with both the crochet and the folk art painting. You have good skills with the paintbrush and drawing too along with the needle and crochet hook

  2. Really love your footstool cover/makeover, Gaia - just gorgeous! The colours are so lovely and Summery too :) Like your digital art too - good fun! Happy Monday :)
    Alison x

  3. Love it! Happy First Day of Summer, Gaia!

  4. It is gorgeous! You have a lovely blog. :)