Monday, 27 June 2016

Saffron & Marigold flower...

saree quilt update...

I have made two of each block now.

each is different from one another.

one on the right is lacking few more details, which I will add later on. I feel very much myself in using free form to create; no restrictions or limitations.

~Photographing yellow has not been easy, even though I took all of them at the same time of the day, each lot shows variations.

My ripples of hope ; adding hopeful rows slowly.

Thank you for stopping by on your way,

till next post,


  1. so good that you are creating these designs yourself I am impressed, crochet looking so good too

  2. Hi, Gaia, I see you have some beautiful projects going for the summer. I just LUV your footstool--so cheerful and fun!
    best, nadia

  3. You are stitching something wonderful - and the crochet is great work - so clear.

  4. Such lovely handmade things, Gaia! Your hand stitching is so perfect and the ripple blanket so charming. All very nice in deed!