Monday, 20 July 2015

Lavender lady


Every lady is hand sewn, and the skirt part is filled with lavender.  I, myself love the lingering fragrance of lavender in my closet.

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Learning embroidery....
In this piece, so far I have learnt; double knot stitch and coral stitch.... 

For, certain stitches instructions does indicate to work from right to left; being left handed I do find bit difficult. After practicing from right to left, I tried and copied it to left to right which I think worked alright.


On crochet... 
I have named this project Left-hander's left over blanket.. It too is coming along , and is on hold for the moment, as I have used up most the left overs. 

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  1. your lavender ladies are lovely, re the stitches if the instructions are just pictures it might work if you turn the book upside down tis will make it the right way for you I think!

  2. Oh, your wonderful lavender sachet ladies! I love mine and since I couldn't bear to hide her away in a closet, have her displayed in our living room! It's great to see your whole lovely collection.

  3. Such pretty lavender ladies! So creative. And the bird embroidery is lovely!

  4. Your lavender ladies are lovely! I love the bird embroidery too - it's coming along beautifully, such a nice original design :)

  5. Yur Lavender Lady sachets look wonderful! I too like lavender and have a bit of it growing in my flower bed which I am occasionally picking to hang upside down to dry. I have the same embroidery book and use it quite frequently :)

  6. Tour lavender ladies are beautiful.

  7. The lavender ladies are a nice way to have this wonderful fragrance in a room - they would look nice hanging on a wall or door.
    I didn't learn to knit from my mother because she was left handed so it must be hard for you if all instructions are for right handed people.

  8. What a lovely way to make scented sachets! You've made great progress on the blanket