Autumn saree quilt..

This is going to be my fourth saree quilt. You can see the first quilt here and the second one here and third one here.

I found these cotton saree material at the thrift store sometime ago ;one with diagonal lines and the other squares.

I thought of attempting to create something with a rustic flare.

I still do not know how the whole layout will be, I am planning as I sew along.

Learning Embroidery ..............

This weekend being extra long (civic holiday here in Canada) I had time to finish the small embroidery piece.
The three main stitches I used throughout the piece are;
Scroll Stitch 
Double knot stitch 
Coral stitch ;  all these stitches are also known in several other names as well.

Guide: READER'S DIGEST; complete book of embroidery

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  1. your sari quilt is looking good, I avoid strips and checks as much as I can as not too good at keeping them straight, see you have had no problem.
    Lovely piece of embroidery I have used double knot stitch a lot, works beautifully on tree trunks

  2. I am sure this quilt will be as beautiful as the previous. Your embroidery is beautiful .

  3. Love the colours of your new quilt Gaia! The embroidery is just gorgeous :) :)

  4. I always love seeing what you get up to creatively! You do such lovely work. I can't wait to see your new quilt come to life.


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