Kantha Work - a small reversible quilt

I have had a sketch in my mind for a while now for some voile material and for few cotton scarves,  which I got from thrift store/yard sales. Finally, I manged to put the idea into work.

After cutting the material into pieces [not exact measurements] and joining them by hand; I made four separate layers. I wanted it to be more rustic because of that I intentionally did not make them perfect squares.


Then I stacked them, and tacked to hold in place and I am working with the kantha stitch. I chose colours which I thought may compliment the printed designs. I am using one strand of cotton thread; after seeing what I have done so far, I am thinking  maybe two strands would have been better?

I have been stitching this almost a month now, along with my other on going projects. It will be along time before I finish this one.

Lastly, couple of things I found at the yard sales past weekend. A very pretty picture done in paper paste,  I love everything about it; and it was 1$.

.. and this lovely tea pot was $2.

Thank you for always stopping by,

Until next time,



  1. you have a lot of hand stitching on this quilt I do not know about you but I find hand stitching so relaxing to do.

  2. I will right away find out about kantha stitch, what it is. I never heard this. I like your unregular squares. It has a vintage touch to it. And about the teapot: We also bought a teapot lately in France on a "empty your attic" happening (vide-grenier) for 2 € which ist about 3 $ and are happy with it. We are proud when we find something useful for us.

  3. That's a lot of stitching but it's going to look beautiful when finished! Always great to pick up a small treasure that isn't costly. I collect blue and white dishes and have 3 blue and white teapots. Think it's time to stop by a garage sale or 2 this weekend :)

  4. Hi, Gaia. The kantha stitching is a knock-out on this quilt, really gorgeous. It makes the quilt.
    best, nadia

  5. I like your "rustic" approach to the quilt, and the kantha stitches really suit the fabric and style ... it's going to look great. Bright, cheery picture you found! Love those little tea pots with the rice transparencies in them :) Enjoy the rest of your weekend (I thought it was supposed to be sunny!). Wendy

    1. Thank you Wendy, It is going to be a long way to end, but I am learning to be patient and, also thank you for the term 'rice transparencies' I never knew what it was called.
      Today looks better than yesterday, I am thinking of going for a long walk, and ofcourse look for yard sales too :)

      have a lovely sunday ! - Gaia

  6. You pretty girl! Thank you for visiting and commenting.It is lovely to sit on my saddle, but nobody can see it like that.


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