Sunny & a warm day..

in the middle of winter..

Bit of sewing..what is it going to be? you have to wait a bit longer.

It is being a sunny today, I was able to get a better picture to show you, of my woven pieces which are hanging in my living room. I had to move them around a bit to get into one shot.

dyeing fabric with  some home ingredients. this pot has boiled beet root water, tea leaves, orange peel, turmeric, vinegar and salt. I am waiting to see which colour will be prominent; probably turmeric.

This was beginning of the week; last Sunday evening. I think we got about 10cm of snow.

and by end of the week (saturday afternoon), it was like this.  All the snow was melting away so fast.....and it was about 11 celsius by Saturday afternoon.

Side walks were full of  people, also pets, lots were having ice cream. I even came upon a yard sale selling books and records. I walked a lot in and around the neighbourhood, and it was just wonderful to soak up some much needed sunshine before cold temperature returns.

Thank you for stopping by to have a look,

till next post,


  1. Great shot with the CN tower in the background! The natural dye process looks really interesting. I'm getting whiplash from the extreme weather that we're having. Since we're only in mid-February, I'm not going to put my winter coat away yet. Enjoy the rest of the long weekend.

  2. Your woven pieces look good all together like that. My woven bits are much smaller and I can't decide where to hang them, but you have inspired me to get them up somewhere! Isn't this weather crazy?! Not so nice today, but even more of that snow has gone into the ground. Sounds like you made the most of that beautiful weekend. Enjoy the rest of this short week...the best kind of weeks ;)

  3. Sewing project looks interesting Gaia! I really love your woven wall hangings - just lovely :)

    Like the idea of dyeing fabric - fascinating experiment!


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