Saturday, 11 February 2017

Wooden spoon ..


This chipped wooden spoon has been in my  kitchen cupboard for awhile,

few times I thought of throwing it way but I did not. While browsing through Pinterest recently it gave me an idea ( actually many ideas). So here it is turned into this pincushion.

I used my naturally dyed fabric to make the egg shaped case and, used stuffing and rice to fill it. for the embellishments; jute ribbon, few crochet flowers and old lace.

 I spent most of the saturday morning doing this project so I could take few pictures before sun went away. (still could not get better ones) I am quite pleased with my effort.

A new crochet flower for my winter coat.

 Icicles and snow this week...brrrrrrrrrrr

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  1. I love what you did with the wooden spoon! It has too much character to toss it, and the pincushion is so pretty. Love the embellishments you've added. The new crochet flower will add some cheer to your commute to work ;) I see you got some of that blizzard yesterday too! I took the kids tobogganing for a couple of hours after school let times!!

  2. What a clever way to repurpose the wooden spoon. The crochet flower is too cute. The weather has been so weird recently. Friday: Snow. Saturday: High temperatures that melted all the snow. Sunday: Snow and freezing rain.

  3. what a good way to bring a wooden spoon back to life and crochet flower has worked well too, as I rite this it is snowing but not settling fortunately as the ground is so wet

  4. I think your pretty reborn spoon will become a family Heirloom. So pretty and useful too. I am trying to crochet flowers but it takes me hours to knit one ! It is bitterly cold here in Sussex