Stitch [the magazine for creative stitchers] project
here is the link for their website.

I like this magazine a lot;  it carries out beautiful embroidery and great tutorials by very talented stitchers.

I started this piece from the 2005 magazine awhile ago, but I did not finished it until recently. The initial enthusiasm was not there after sometime as I felt the project was tedious. Then I had other art projects which I spent more time on.

Yet,I did not give up on it. When I took it out from the craft box last time, I made sure that I sew it to the end !

I ran out of yellow thread while stitching the background, and instead of buying new I used white thread which I had for the remaining of the work.  [not a good decision]

I also did not do a good job on the fly stitch on the background of the bird panel, there are areas I simply did the running stitch only.  The tutorial also mentions to add mirror pieces[shisha]  to the shisha border but I did not have enough do so.

..... nevertheless with many flaws here is my attempt.

I am glad I completed it :)

Thank you for stopping by,

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  1. this is a glorious piece of work Gaia. I so agree love stitch magazine, have them all and will often browse through old copies just for the pleasure of seeing so many beautiful things.

  2. This is so rich looking ... love the choice of colours. I agree that the Stitch magazine is a good one! Have a great week Gaia :) Wendy

    1. Thank you Wendy. There are many projects I would like to try from the magazine.

  3. What a beautiful piece of embroidery, I like it a lot :-)
    I am glad that you have found my blog, welcome!
    If you would like to answer any of my comments, please use my email address, I don't usually re-visit comment boxes after I left a comment.


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