Sunday, 3 March 2013

Tea cozy !!

for the perfect cup of tea...

I drink tea many times a day [more when I am at home] yet, I don't have a single cozy to keep my tea pot warm.   So, after all these years I took the time to make one special tea cosy. By the time I was done there were three of them;

Here they are;
This is to all the ladies who work so hard in the tea plantations to pick the finest leaves for the perfect cup.

I used a piece of tea dyed cloth and did a bit back stitching and applique for a the sketch I did. I also had to find and match pieces from the bag of remnants.

This one is for all the hard labour that is put in to sorting and packing.

I unpicked and used this bag that came as a part of the packing  Also included few used tea bags in the pattern. What about washing it? These bags will get ripped :( ok, I will hand wash carefully.

Lastly, over a cup of tea! This one, I  will give to a friend.

The stitching did not turn out as neatly as I wanted.

Thank you for stopping by for a cup of tea, and I hope you enjoyed !!

Until next time,



  1. a great selection of tea cosies, think the I like the over a cup of tea best but all are lovely, happy tea drinking.

  2. I like the two ladies !! The drawing is so funny!

  3. I love the concept you put into the three stages of tea (how can you split up the set?). Such delicate illustrations. Love that girly, curly-q tea time :) Wendy

    1. Thank you Wendy.
      After all the time spent making these I am little bit sad to part with one, but I promised my friend a one [maybe I will start another]

  4. I too drink many cups of tea a day and think your tea cozies look wonderful!! So nice too that they all have a tea theme on them.