Friday, 15 March 2013

Cross stitch - book of needles..

Up until now my needles never had a proper place to stay; they were either pinned on a piece of cloth, or on cardboard.  I have been promising myself to make something pretty for the needles for the longest time.

I got these tiny cross stitch pattern kits maybe 6-7 years ago from a family friend. I had started one but never completed. I recently stumbled upon them while sorting out the craft box.

This time I had patience to finish it to the end. Then used it in the design for this needle case.

I did however make few errors while sewing, because I counted the rows incorrectly.  The instructions included are so small to read, that my eyes were hurting. Why didn't I make an enlarged copy at the beginning ?


Finally, my needles have a happy home now.. no more getting mixed up with the pins.

Thank you for stopping by,

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  1. a very pretty needle case, believe it or not I still use one my daughter made when at junior school, she is 40 now

  2. It is nice for something so practical to be so pretty :-)

  3. A very feminine needle case :) My needles are stuck in the back of a small quilted square (and have been for about 20 years!) ... I too keep thinking I should make a small book to organize them. Wendy

    1. Thank you, Wendy. I have another kit to finish; probably I will make another.

  4. Your needle case looks lovely Gaia! I have a few that I've made and enjoy using.

  5. You will enjoy your needlecase very long - if you keep it for yourself. I got one of a friend - and she comes to my mind whenever i stitch into it - haha - but with love!